Customized Workshops

Workshop customization is a hallmark of BioSciConcepts training.  Employer needs are matched with appropriate curriculum and/or hands-on training techniques.

Dr. Fawcett has designed and delivered customized training internationally in lecture formats as well as hands -on laboratory techniques.  Dr. Fawcett excels at defining problems in biomanufacturing  and providing solutions through observation and subsequent training.  Some examples  of customized training include off-site delivery of existing BioSciConcepts workshops, customized cell manufacturing, troubleshooting and problem solving .  Other examples include a series of customized lectures on biotechnology topics for engineers, attorneys and sales representatives to name a few.

To discuss customized training for your organization, please contact Dr. Timothy Fawcett, BioSciConcept's Scientific Director, at 410-752-4224 or