3 Day Introduction to Protein Expression

Workshop Dates: 

March 11-13, 2020

October 7-9, 2020


Workshop Cost: 

This 3-day workshop will provide an overview of recombinant protein technology, recombinant protein system and vector choices, and prokaryotic expression. Additionally we will discuss the advantages of the eukaryotic expression, the baculovirus system, transformation and reading-frame considerations when expressing proteins in any system. Also included will be talks on strategies for cell harvesting, and protein purification.

The BioSciConcepts workshops are designed to provide a solid understanding of specific topics through classroom presentation and laboratory work. Clients will gain significant experience in the performance of laboratory techniques taught in each workshop. Through integrated learning methods, utilizing hands-on training to reinforce lecture material, clients will be able to apply information learned in BioSciConcepts workshops into applications in their own laboratories. At the end of the workshop we will conduct a full workshop review, and data troubleshooting session.

Contact: Timothy Fawcett, Ph.D., Director