"The cell culture workshop was very professional and taught a full semesters worth of material in a weeks time. The labs were up-to-date and presented real world work activities. This was an excellent course for information to be shared with my co-workers and students.”

Dr. Sandol Johnson
Cleveland Community College, Shelly, North Carolina

"The concepts and skills taught at BioSciConcepts are immediately applicable in the laboratory. I was able to return to the lab with a set of methods and knowledge that improved my research capabilities."

Dr. Lisa Biella
University of Arkansas

"This workshop enhanced my basic knowledge of molecular biology and I believe that this will be immensely helpful in my future career pursuits."

Srichaitanya Shivaramaiah
University of Arkansas

"One of the most important aspects to a biotech company is a well trained and enthusiastic workforce.  We found that many college graduates with B.S. degrees in the biological sciences were not able to work effectively in the laboratory, and that ramping new hires up to speed takes significant time, energy, and always includes a loss of productivity.  Several advantages exist to sending our production and quality control personnel to cell culture workshops at BioSciConcepts.  Our employees had an opportunity to learn from experts the specifics of animal cell culture, how to troubleshoot and importantly had the chance to get comfortable with the tools of the trade and routine cell culture manipulations.  They came back to work with specific job-related knowledge, enthusiasm, drive and appreciated the investment their Company made in them."

Paul Silber, Ph.D.
Biotechnology Investor, Founder/Former President & CEO of In Vitro Technologies

"I believe you are the best instructor that I have ever been to in my life, thank you."

Humera Khan
Research Specialist - Johns Hopkins Medical Institute

"I just started working in protein expression and this course was very helpful. I learn best by doing and therefore the lecture and lab combination was perfect for me."

Marian Zwart

"I was extremely satisfied with this workshop and feel confident now in introducing cell culture work in my laboratory!"

Dr. Evelyn Sattleger
Institute of Molecular Biosciences - Massey University, New Zealand

"I feel more confident to carry out any protocol in molecular biology experiments.  Now, I know how to increase the efficiency of my experimental results.  The lecturer is knowledgeable in the subject matters and you learn the techniques from someone who is an expert and well-experienced .  I strongly recommend this workshop."

Sumardi Bin HajiAbdul Hamid
Education Officer - Brunei Darussalam

"Thanks, Tim, for bringing the wonder back into science for me again!"

Jon Strauss
Momenta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

"We send many of our own employees to their applied hands-on training to fill gaps in these employees' scientific training.  These sessions may be relevant to you or others in your organization as well."